"We're pleased to see providers such as
Collingwood are supporting pupils in this way, by
helping them access an insurance product which covers them as they
learn and incentivises learning outside of their formal lessons.
Rewarding instructors who facilitate access to this product, and who
actively encourage accompanied practice, is another great feature of
Collingwood's product"
Carly Brookfield -
Chief Executive of the Driving
Instructors Association
Peter Harvey -
Chairman of the Motor Schools
Association of Great Britain
This insurance is a fantastic way of encouraging learners
to get extra practice in their own/family vehicle without risking
any no claims bonus the family may already have, it also gives the pupil a good introduction to planning for their own insurance when they pass the L-test.

As an added incentive for the instructor it brings in some additional income through the affiliate scheme - as the saying goes, every little helps and that's something I've appreciated over the years I've been using the scheme.

As an MSA Member it costs you nothing to enrol with Collingwood and both pupil and parents or guardians can view the excellent website before making any decisions or financial commitment.

Sign up now: your pupils will like the extra freedom - and I'm sure you will like the extra income and benefits it generates.
Katy Higgins Insight2Drive and winner of Best Woman in Business
Award "I think it is a great way of learners being able to get that
practice in before going for a test, and at an affordable price too.
It's a win win situation."

D Shephard "Thanks for your service to us instructors, I will certainly
always recommend you to anyone who needs prospective insurance
cover for a learner driver, I find your assistance second to none,
it's brilliant!"

S Lord "I am more than happy to help Collingwood to get young
motorists on the road with as little fuss as possible. All young drivers
deserve a helping hand."

D Evans "I find this scheme very useful for pupils wishing to have
practice when learning with an A.D.I."
What Driving Instructors Have To Say!
Collingwood Insurance offers you a fantastic way of earning extra income while saving your students money.
Top up your income
YOU EARN £20 for each student that you refer to Collingwood that takes out a new policy. That's regardless of how many - e.g. Just 10 referrals would get you an extra £200 per month.

With Collingwood's competitive pricing and £20 Amazon voucher rewards for students when using your code, there has never been a better time to refer your students to Collingwood. Sign up and start topping up your income.

If you are involved in Taxi Driver training you can also receive payments for referring your students to Collingwood Taxi. Full details are available upon request.
Help your students
When referring your student to Collingwood learners you are passing them over to one of the highest rated Learner Driver Insurers on TrustPilot, saving them money and giving them, their parents, relatives or friends peace of mind when the learner is behind the wheel.

By doing so, your student can get that all important extra private practice which is proven to help them pass. They can save up to £20 on their car insurance by using your unique referral code which may make them more likely to recommend you, helping you to grow your business organically.
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